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Top 10 Case Management Systems

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Top 10 Case Management Systems

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Top 10 Case Management Systems

Your Essential Guide to The Top 10 Case Management Systems. Finding The Right One… Easily & Quickly!

Case management systems or matter management software provide standard tools for lawyers to oversee their practice and manage all the data each case generates.

It’s a significant investment for any legal practice; increasingly initiated as part of a digital transformation programme.

Andrew Kirkham, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at inCase, highlights the importance of selecting the right case management system (CMS):

Transforming your firm digitally is essential to improve a firm’s regulatory compliance and to help serve the evolving needs of customers and employees. CMS vendors whose products are deliberately designed to be extended are a natural fit for inCase as they are open and flexible.

This leads to some genuinely incredible opportunities for our inCase customers. Unfortunately, some CMS providers sell products where customer lock-in – rather than customer choice – is at the heart of their business strategy. It’s an understandable take on product development and there are some benefits to that approach; however, it severely limits freedom for their customers to choose the best product and creates risks for the future.

Searching for the best case management software for your practice can be a time-consuming task. To make it easier and quicker, we have trawled hundreds of sources – to bring together the key benefits of 10 of the most commonly used platforms. Please note that they are not given in any particular order, or to indicate that one solution is better than another.

Based on industry experience and our own long experience with each system, we have created this guide to help you compare CMS providers. It gives you an easy and reputable comparison of what is currently being used by legal departments. Synthesised and presented here, in this handy guide.

So, let’s take a look at these top 10 in the market…

Top 10 Case Management Systems



  • The Proclaim system from Eclipse is now part of the Access Group, a Law Society partner.
  • Designed for legal practices of any size, Software Advice reports that it can ‘streamline the entire litigation lifecycle, from managing matters to processing payments’.
  • Key features include conflict searching, invoicing, reporting and risk assessment.
  • It uses a document management tool to access files in a centralised database.
  • A task management tool allows lawyers to view and track cases. Also, receive reminders of Court dates.
  • Capterra promotes a YouTube video link: How Law Firms Can Scale up And Diversify Using Proclaim.
  • downloadable brochure is available, and price on request.


Visual Files

  • The Visual Files system from LexisNexis is founded on a comprehensive case and matter management platform, which enables you to streamline legal and business processes.
  • Main benefits include reduced risk; staff having greater control over their productivity; and reduction of manual labour by 80-90% in some cases to deliver a rapid return on investment.
  • It supports all volumes of activity, value of cases and numbers of users.
  • The key attributes are badged in a five-step system, which includes:
  1. Automate: To remove repetitive tasks.
  2. Integrate: Using flexible tools for synergy.
  3. Collaborate: Sharing documents; information; ideas; and messages, quickly and easily.
  4. Optimise: Making successful change faster, and less expensive.
  5. Consume: Choose how you engage with clients.

Other Reviews:

Legal Futures reports that:

Visualfiles can eliminate the need for complex programming allowing businesses to automate intricate processes simply. It is highly flexible and increases business efficiencies… Designed to maximise client onboarding while minimising the cost; paperwork, and manual intervention from administrative or secretarial staff. Supporting businesses in adapting to market changes faster, to stay ahead of the competition.



  • 400+ mid-tier practices have used SOS solutions since 1987, across different specialisms.
  • The company joined PracticeEvolve Group in 2020 for cloud-based solutions.
  • 65 employees develop: test, implement and install the software. Most have been with SOS on average for 10 years.
  • It appeals to firms of all sizes with a comprehensive feature set that includes data segmentation, automated reporting, messaging, billing, KPI monitoring, CRM, compliance regulation and document management.
  • Support services are available during business hours, remotely, or by telephone. An internal support system monitors the status of calls.
  • Administrator and Supervisor courses are provided. A useful feature for new employees, not familiar with this system.
  • You can contact SOS; download the brochure, and book a demonstration via the website. Also see FAQs; case studies, and the Evolve Community forum.
  • A YouTube video on Capterra gives an introductory overview of the software.



  • A case management system very much geared towards conveyancing practices.
  • The system offers a number of integrations.
  • 9 out of 10 clients rate their customer support as excellent with: “low set-up costs, no-cost upgrades, and free support and maintenance for life… So there are no hidden costs.”
  • Details of partners and testimonials are on the website. Also, the facility to request a demonstration.

Other Reviews:

In a Legal Futures article, Redbrick clients range from Top 200 firms to multi-partner businesses.

Awarded Leading Expert In Tech 2017 by Softec International, it received the Legal Eye Standard, and is: “the only software supplier to have been selected by the Society of Licensed Conveyancers (SLC) as preferred supplier to its members.

     …also a member of the Legal Software Suppliers Association (LSSA).”


DPS Software

  • DPS Software, like Proclaim, is part of the Access Group.
  • Badged by Software Suggest as providing end-to-end solutions designed for Windows.
  • Benefits include working from anywhere on any device; time-saving with digital dictation; improved efficiency, using customised workflows and fast document bundling; automatic recording of emails with case files; incoming post managed digitally reduces costs, along with e-signatures; increased client instructions, following quotes direct from your website; better client service, and payment via the app.
  • Their campaign website has a downloadable brochure; a link for a YouTube video, and testimonials.

Other Reviews:

The Access Group (also including the Proclaim software above) is described as the: “Top 3 provider of legal software in the UK… 3500+ customers in the legal sector… 35% of all law firms choose Access… 30+ years of experience in the legal market…”

Whilst DPS was previously described as: “Market-leading legal software suppliers for more than 30 years… Case Management Software, Legal Accounting Software, Client Portal Solutions, Digital Dictation. Legal software used by more than 700 UK law firms, in-house legal teams and a growing number of ABSs across the UK.”



  • LEAP offers its Legal Practice Productivity Solution to small and mid-sized firms.
  • Software Advice describes it as a cloud-based system that majors on case management, time recording, billing, document automation, and trust accounting, across all devices for a one license fee.
  • In addition to legal accounting, it provides a unique online library of legal guides; commentaries; forms, and precedents which are continually updated.
  • The company has migrated data from over 1200 UK law firms, across 30 different systems, to their own award-winning solution. A comprehensive website gives details of the stages in the buying process, from initial enquiry to data migration; installation; training, and support.
  • A comprehensive list of features is available on Legal Futures.
  • A YouTube video on Capterra talks about how it helps firms stay productive.
  • The LEAP website provides a downloadable brochure, and the ability to book a demonstration.

Other Reviews: The Law Society website indicates that:

“LEAP offers subsidised training and implementation with reduced rates on data migrations to help Law Society members benefit from true cloud technology and realise their potential.”

The company also continually invests more than £13 million per annum into research and the development of its productivity tools.



  • Hoowla is for law firms of any size. It offers Start Up; High Street, and Corporate packages.
  • Software Suggest summarise the system as Document Management Software offering Document Management, Task Management, Time Tracking, Billing Management, and Case Notes all in one place.
  • All users receive the features at the same rate. No contract tie-in; set up, or training costs. Accounts are built into the software, so a third-party plugin is not required.
  • Firms can trial Hoowla, by using individual parts of the software. Like the quoting and referral tool, or conveyancing quote calculator.
  • They have a number of practical YouTube videos on using the system, of particular of benefit to conveyancing practices.
  • A short demonstration video, and case studies are available from their website.



  • Quill is used by a wide range of specialisms, including: Civil Litigation; Commercial Law; Conveyancing; Criminal Law; Employment Law; Family Law; Housing; Immigration, and Private Client.
  • Software Advice cites Quill as a cloud-based legal management solution that lets law firms streamline the entire litigation lifecycle, from managing matters to automating accounting operations
  • The tiered pricing plan includes a fee for your first legal cashiering licence, and packages are as follows:
  1. Essential: for legal cashiers; fee earners, and support staff. Covering legal accounts, and practice management. This also includes time recording solutions.
  2. Growth: for fee earners. The most popular tier, includes case and document management. Allowing fee earners to work in the Cloud from anywhere. With extra tools like document automation, and MS Office integration.
  3. Supercharge: to boost your software. A mix and match package so the price depends on requirements. Choose from the following available boosts, to streamline more of your processes: Quill forms; anti-money laundering checks; API integration; MoneyChain; Bundling; SMS messaging, and an online payment portal.
  • If you decide to outsource cashiering, payroll, and typing you will only pay for what you use when you need these services.
  • Capterra includes a YouTube video about the Quill documents hub.

Other Reviews: In an article on the Law Society website, Quill is described as a long-established firm, working with more than 750 medium and small practices across the UK.

In an article on the Legal Futures website, its software and legal accounting expertise are described as a unique combination. Helping professionals with compliance; data protection; money laundering prevention, and other regulatory obligations.



  • The Peppermint CX365 platform can be used as a standalone system or integrated with existing software.
  • Benefits include time recording facilities; billing; and performance tracking on a customised dashboard. It has mobile, and desktop functionality. With a client engagement solution, which provides actionable data for lead generation and marketing. Business metrics can be accurately tracked for analysis, or to improve performance.
  • The system is linked to Microsoft, using Peppermint Connect, and the company was a finalist in the 2022 Microsoft UK Partner of the Year Awards.
  • The system is used by Irwin Mitchell; DWF, and other larger practices.
  • A comprehensive website, with pages dedicated to customer stories, and user community. Also, to contact the sales team, or for a demonstration request.

Other Reviews: On the WardBlawg website, the Peppermint CX legal software offers:

“a feature-rich, SRA-compliant, financial accounting system for law providers with a range of time recording & billing features. The comprehensive reporting tools and business intelligence dashboards deliver deep business insight to a granular level for robust financial account management and control.”



  • InTouch is positioned as: “your entire conveyancing transaction on one cloud platform.”
  • Capterra cites it as a “cloud-based legal case management solution that enables property lawyers to streamline processes related to agent tracking, SMS text messaging, quote calculation, and more.
  • One to two new features are, on average, developed every month.
  • Resources on the website include a Stamp Duty Land Tax Calculator. Also, a customisable quote calculator, is embedded into your website or accessed from the InTouch mobile app. This might be useful if:

“a referring agent wants to give a quote or pass on a lead while showing a property to a potential client – then they can do this via the mobile app.

The calculator can be configured to capture contact details for direct follow-up by your team, and/or to send an automatic email to the client reminding them of the quote with a clear next step to instruct you online.”

  • Secure data practices use Microsoft Azure cloud servers and Geo Replication backup methods. End-to-end encryption defends against cyber attacks.
  • It has no extra maintenance, upgrade, hosting or support costs.
  • The Starter package includes a Client and Introducer web portal, with a mobile app; quote, and instruction online forms; a full case management solution; search provider integration, and unlimited users.
  • An Established User package includes all of the above. Plus, client accounting; unlimited online forms; document, and email templates; and Xero integration.
  • It typically takes 3 to 8 weeks to get up and running with InTouch. Whilst the minimum contractual term is 12 months.
  • You can request a demonstration via the website.


Looking forward to the future

A lot of these case management systems offer similar benefits, from optimising efficiency; integrations with other systems; ensuring compliance, and increasing the performance and growth of your firm. They can also enable you to retain and attract lawyers and provide exceptional customer service.

Andrew Kirkham, CTO at inCase, sees one major benefit that spans all:

Uniformity of operating processes is perhaps the biggest benefit as it means compliance is more easily managed with all staff following the same processes. It also means that both clients’ and employees’ experiences can be improved over time and the benefits shared with everyone.

There are, however, differences, which would impact the relevance to your particular legal practice.

For example, Redbrick and InTouch are designed mostly for conveyancers. Whilst Visual Files and others on the list cover multiple legal areas. There are also differences in the size of practice the software usually supports. Small to mid-sized businesses tend to use Quill and Leap. The Peppermint and Redbrick solutions stretch that regional multi-partner right up to the Top 200 firm size well.

If you are seeking a new case management system or validating whether you are on the right one, we hope this has been a useful guide. Accelerating your search and empowering you to make better investment decisions.

Remember: There is no one best case management software for all firms.

Together with any other market research; peer recommendations; and demonstrations you are undertaking, we’re confident you will find the right platform that’s just right for your requirements.

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