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Exizent seeks new contributors for their Research Community

Bits & Blogs

Exizent seeks new contributors for their Research Community

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Exizent seeks new contributors for their Research Community

Exizent are looking for professionals working in wills, planning and estate administration across the UK to get involved and become a Contributor to their Research Community.

What is The Exizent Research Community?

We’re on a mission to make the bereavement process easier for everyone, and the Exizent Research Community is a panel of professionals who work and support in the field of wills, estate planning or estate administration and are passionate about influencing and transforming the industry.  If you are involved in this process, we’d love to hear from you and invite you to join our Community as a Contributor.

What do you get from joining?

Joining the Exizent Research Community is an opportunity to be an expert contributor amongst other like-minded industry leaders, providing your opinion and helping to transform the way in which probate and estate administration is experienced.

We appreciate your time and as a thank you, we offer financial incentives for every activity as well as donating on your behalf to one of 3 charities.

We believe in designing with the people that will use or benefit from a service to make sure not only that we solve their initial problems, but that we continue to provide solutions to new and emerging issues.

No prior knowledge of Exizent is required to join our community.

What is asked of Contributors?

  • Activities are varied and can include informal discussions, polls, and surveys, reviewing ideas or designs
  • Activities range from 15 minutes to an hour
  • All our research activities can be completed remotely

As a Contributor you’ll be invited to research activities, there is no obligation to take part; as contributors, you’ll choose which activities you’d like to be involved in, and how frequently.

To get involved, sign up here to join or contact the research team directly if you have any questions –