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EvolveCommunity from PracticeEvolve: What is it?

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EvolveCommunity from PracticeEvolve: What is it?

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EvolveCommunity from PracticeEvolve: What is it?

Every law firm needs and uses software, and for some investing in the right tools can be a significant driver of business success. Every law firm needs and uses software, and for some investing in the right tools can be a significant driver of business success. However, as your law firm grows, software performance gaps can emerge. Most software providers will offer comprehensive user training as part of their initial onboarding process. But what happens once the software has been implemented and your workforce continues to grow?

For many firms, it is not financially sustainable to pay providers for new user training every time someone joins their business. So, there is a growing reliance on existing staff to knowledge-share, with new starters expected to fill in the gaps and “figure it out” as time goes on. Firms then run the risk of perpetuating bad working practices and relying on cumbersome workarounds to get the job done whilst inadvertently neglecting to leverage the full capability of the software they are using.

The right tools and software are extremely valuable and can be crucial to ensuring your business operates efficiently. The proper tools have the power to significantly speed up time-intensive processes, increase productivity, and improve users’ overall work quality.

At PracticeEvolve we seamlessly combine practice management, document production and legal accounting to automate the day-to-day workflows and business operations within your legal practice. InfoTrack simplifies the complex processes of buying and selling off property, DocuSign offers a fast, reliable way to electronically sign legal documents and agreements – and so on, and so on.

Software is there to supercharge your efforts. However, software is only as good as user competency. It won’t work for users who don’t know what they’re doing or have an interest in learning how to use the software’s full potential and all its features. Taking the time to develop skills, nurture needs and enhance competency, will create a capable workforce with an adequate amount of knowledge and skillsets ensuring your law firm is set for the future. That is why, PracticeEvolve have developed EvolveCommunity – a collaborative e-learning platform for users of our software.

There are plenty of business benefits that come with ongoing training, especially when it’s delivered via an easily accessible e-learning platform that comes as a complimentary part of your subscription:

  • Collaboration made easy: Connect with other users, raise questions, start conversations, and gain a full overview of your software via interactive discussion and knowledge share forums.
  • Customisable learning aid: Increase your software proficiency and skillset in a way that works for you with easy-to-follow video-based learning courses created by product specialists.
  • Information at your fingertips: Find answers fast with access to searchable user manuals and release notes across key features and functionality.
  • Flexible, self-paced learning: Learn in your own time and schedule, track your own progress, and process the learning material in a way that enhances knowledge retention.
  • Ongoing competency training: Onboard new users quickly and maintain capability of existing workforce by monitoring activity across the site, with certifications also provided upon completion of each course.
  • Ever-evolving content: Encourage dynamic working and fluid communication across the firm by arming your staff with the most up-to-date training content that evolves with the software.

Hosting an extensive library of content and collaborative e-learning tools, EvolveCommunity is free for all PracticeEvolve customers. Designed to support you through every step.

If you are looking to get more from your software, talk to one of the team and request a free demo.

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