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e-Medicals Limited – Press Release

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e-Medicals Limited – Press Release

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e-Medicals Limited – Press Release

We are changing our name and from the 12th April will become e-Medicals Limited.

e-medicals limited: our values

With added focus on ethical behaviour in our industry, we have decided to adopt more responsible business practices and align this with a rebrand from Medreport to e-Medicals U.K Limited.

Along with a name change to ‘e-Medicals’, we will place a greater emphasis on accountable and moral business practices in an industry with an often-challenging reputation. 

Our MD Ellie Williams explains:

It’s always been important for us to be at the forefront of the industry in terms of delivering a quality service, and our recent move to larger, more modern premises is certainly a reflection of our continued growth and success.

Our planned rebrand, however, will focus on setting an industry standard for responsible behaviour, using our position to encourage other companies to give some thought to the morality of their business practices.

Moving forward, we are set to deliver values like responsibility and integrity while providing a flexible and highly professional reporting solution. From employee profit sharing to establishing a charitable trust that will benefit community organisations along with national and global charities, we will pave the way for thoughtful, accountable behaviour in the medical reporting sector. 

We have also pledged to substantially reduce our carbon footprint, by taking small, sustainable steps to a greener way of working that helps to protect the environment for future generations.  

Whilst our name and logo will be changing, there is no change to the way we operate.  Our service will remain bespoke and responsive to your needs. Our ‘’ email addresses will remain active and any e-mail sent to these accounts will be forwarded to our new ‘’ address.

All of us at e-Medicals are excited about this change and what it will mean for the industry and if you would like to know more please contact Brionie Clegg on 07432 736658.

We would like to thank-you for your continued support and hope you will join us in raising the standards for medico-legal reporting.

Press release provided by e-Medicals U.K. Limited. For more information visit here
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