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Brevitts Solicitors: Boosted Profitability with Osprey Approach Software

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Brevitts Solicitors: Boosted Profitability with Osprey Approach Software

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Brevitts Solicitors: Boosted Profitability with Osprey Approach Software

Brevitts Solicitors is a small, successful family-run business based in Birmingham. Established in 1963, the firm specialises in private client work and has built up a loyal client base both locally and nationally. Having identified the need to embrace technology to achieve its goals – improving compliance, increasing productivity, and driving profitability – Brevitts is realising the benefits of Osprey Approach’s all-in-one practice and case management solution (PCMS).

Implementing case management software to remain competitive

Prior to working with Osprey Approach, Brevitts Solicitors didn’t have a PCMS in place and relied heavily on paper-based, manual processes, and siloed knowledge, to complete tasks. Looking to replace their existing accounting package, the firm’s managing partner, Jane Sutton, saw the potential in the Osprey Approach solution to help them meet their goal of automating case management, and says: – “Osprey showed the most potential to help us automate our processes, whilst enabling us to remain competitive in the market. The solution was the most cost-effective compared to other providers and offered the most flexibility, scalability, and configurability so we could shape it to suit our firm.”

The challenges

Relying on individuals rather than a central knowledge base and management platform presented problems for Brevitts, which hindered its ability to stay agile, scale effectively, and digitally connect with clients, as practice manager, Laurence Sutton, explains: – “One of the biggest challenges for small practices is competing with firms who can spin volume. We needed an agile system that enables us to be flexible and implement changes that reflect the world around us. Brevitts is highly recommended by our clients, but we were seen as being slow and steady. We wanted to implement processes and automations that help us to be efficient, reliable, and quick when we need to be.”

How PCMS improves competitiveness, compliance, and profitability

Brevitts continues to work through new phases of implementation of Osprey to ensure firm-wide utilisation. Initially, they focused on migrating the firm’s accounts before implementing automated workflows to boost efficiencies; the next phase will focus on client service with the Osprey client web portal. Now, Brevitts has the confidence of a platform they can rely on to run the business effectively, which will scale and adapt with the firm as is grows.

Laurence says that the biggest benefit for the firm is the increased peace of mind that risk is reduced and effectively managed: – “Osprey enables the management team to be on top of the detail and provides the visibility and confidence that processes are being completed on time and correctly. This is a huge help when it comes to the PII proposal process because we can find the answers that we need in Osprey, so the process can take a few hours, rather than weeks.”

Centralising and digitalising data and processes enables a streamlined and efficient operation that benefits the staff, clients and the bottom-line. “Productivity has increased, and we can now do more with less because we’ve implemented automated workflows,” Laurence explains. “Fee earners can take full control of completing tasks that once needed another individual to complete. We can take what’s in Osprey and build a system that belongs and works for us; that’s what we like about the system.

“A by-product of going digital is a reduction in paper. Already we’re about 50% down on paper use and we predict that’s likely to go up to a 75% reduction, which is a significant saving on our paper and printing costs.”

A successful implementation maximises return

Implementing software requires resource, which for a small, busy team like Brevitts can be challenging. But clear goals and leadership, a phased approach, and a strong relationship with the team at Osprey has helped Brevitts to adapt and utilise the software to meet their goals.

Laurence says that it has been challenging for Brevitts’ client-focused fee earners to find the time for implementation: – “We also have a mix of tech-lovers and haters, which is another challenge for adoption. But this was never about buying the software licences and hoping for the best; it’s about a significant investment for our future.

“It’s not always been easy but the support from Osprey has been first-class. We can’t fault the training and assistance and it’s been great that they have listened to us and taken on our feedback.”

Plan and encourage employee buy-in

Laurence advises that other small firms thinking about implementing legal technology should consider what they want and need to achieve: – “Ensure you create a clear plan and engage with your staff to maximise buy-in. And importantly, put faith in the software and develop what’s there to best suit your firm.

“Osprey is central to our successful operational delivery – it’s the first thing that everyone logs in to everyday. We wanted to optimise our entire operation and the software allows us to be agile, progress cases quicker and sharpen our approach to ensure we’re proactive and not reactive. This enables us to focus more time on our staff and clients and helps us reach our goals quicker.”

Osprey Approach provides cloud-based, case management software to high-street, corporate and multi-branch law firms. With over 30 years’ experience in the legal software sector, our system, implementation, and support services are designed to help make running a law firm easier.  Find out more at