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Automating the Probate Process

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Automating the Probate Process

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Automating the Probate Process

Our lives are increasingly dispersed and varied. Performing executry work when estates are spread over a growing number of banks and institutions is more complex than ever.

A lack of standardisation, and limited availability of dedicated tools, means too much time is wasted on administration.

Exizent was founded from personal experience of bereavement, and the fact that the current processes involved seemed inefficient and over complicated for all those involved. Having been through this ourselves, and seeing friends and family also struggling with organising someone’s estate, we wanted to make it better.

Dedicated Legal Services Software

Our dedicated legal services software is a bespoke cloud-based solution which will enable legal services firms to integrate directly with financial institutions.

One of the features that is extremely helpful in achieving our goal, is the Court Form Automation. This is the Scottish confirmation form (C1) and English probate forms (PA1A/PA1P) that apply for the right to access the funds in the deceased’s estate. The purpose of this feature is to ease the administrative strain for legal professionals undertaking an estate.


This is a game-changer in the bereavement process. How have we done this?

Data inputted into cases in the platform is taken and populated into the government-issued PDF form, with a separate page to capture any additional information required. Platform users can save progress and return to the page so there is no ‘one shot’ to complete it.

Importantly as well, our platform interface is intuitive, modern and highly user-focused and current customers have said it seems:

“like a 2021 interface and not a 2011 interface like a lot of the other software”

One of the major advantages of working closely with our customers is that we can be responsive to their needs and prioritise features that they believe are essential. Recently, we re-prioritised development to focus on Inheritance Tax forms (IHT400 and IHT205) which calculate and provide evidence for inheritance tax to be paid (before confirmation/probate). Work has started on this feature and we are excited to deliver this to our customers.

Era of digitised services

With more transparent and open access to information Exizent is leveraging technology to connect all of the data, services and the network of people involved when someone passes away. We see a better way of working. We are working with banks, share registrars, and other institutions to build standardised requests and responses.

Exizent are committed to improving the bereavement process, which starts with executry teams having the right tools in place.

Get in touch with our sales team to see our probate platform in action.